You’re somewhere on the path between no longer and not yet. Maybe you can’t see your next steps. Maybe your horizon seems a little far off and fuzzy. Or maybe you know where you’re headed, but fear is standing in your way.

Whatever it is that might be holding you back and keeping you stuck in a fog of confusion, somewhere deep inside you also know beyond a shadow of doubt, that your future shines bright with possibility. And so do I.

Are you willing to explore beyond your comfort zone?

This is coaching that can guide you there.


1:1 COACHINg with lucie

Coaching is a path to transformation. It’ll get you from where you are now to where you want to be, with a guide at your side. It’s the first step to move you forward.


L&D consulting services

For learning and development initiatives that build awareness, connect teams and inspire leaders who stand out and step forward, you’ve just hit the mark.

Leaders are like beacons, but first they must get lit from within.
— Lucie Bohan



Lucie is a Certified Executive Coach (Royal Roads University). She’s also packed to the brim with intuitive wisdom.

She delights in soul-stirring conversations and her powerful coaching presence is often described as finding the calm in the storm.

Lucie asks questions that cause me to pause and consider other, better, ways of looking at my current situation. Her intuition and insights have been extremely beneficial in helping me make decisions and move forward.
— S.M., Toronto, O.N.


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The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
— Joseph Campbell