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here’s what clients say about working with LUCIe

You have been a guiding light for me these past months, bringing me back to what’s good and real and helping me focus on how much I’ve already accomplished, so I can choose to see even more possibility and potential in my future. Your presence and questions and thoughts and everything have been so much more than I could’ve ever imagined. Thank you for holding space and the reflections. My heart is pretty full at the moment, and you’re a big part of that.
— S.Z., Menlo Park, CA
As a busy professional focused on career progression and raising a family, I had left my passion for creative-writing behind. As my coach, Lucie encouraged and supported me to explore what was holding me back and guided me through an explorative process that reignited my desire to express myself through writing. She helped me see things differently, with renewed energy and connectedness to my true and best self. I would highly recommend Lucie to anyone wanting to tap into a part of themselves that they may have left behind, or that they were afraid to explore on their own.
— K.M., Edmonton, AB
Lucie has this uncanny knack of asking just the right questions to send your mind scurrying down paths of self-discovery, instead of steering you to a pre-determined “right” answer, she simply—but profoundly— gives you the tools to start feeling whole as a person. A conversation with Lucie is an opportunity to access the parts of you that are at peace, unwavering, indomitable. She’ll help you bring to the fore the elements of your spirit that while neglected or buried, are essential to your inner sense of fulfillment.

I strongly encourage you to bless yourself with time spent in conversation with Lucie.
— B.A., Vernon Hills, IL
I love my coaching sessions with Lucie. She asks questions that cause me to pause and consider other, better, ways of looking at my current situation. Her intuition and insights have been extremely beneficial in helping me make decisions and move forward.
— S.M., Toronto, ON
Coaching with Lucie gives me more clarity and a new perspective. It also gives me a path forward. As a coach, Lucie is open and makes me feel comfortable to talk about what might be holding me back.
— L.R., Vancouver, BC
Working with Lucie has had a profound impact on my mindset. This wise soul has improved my relationship with myself, my work, and the world. If you crave things like more clarity, inspiration, and empowerment, I highly recommend Lucie.
— S.S., Toronto, ON
I went from having so many goals and little focus to becoming very clear on what I wanted and creating a plan to go after it...and then doing it! After working with Lucie, I finally realized what was important to me and went after those things with joy. Working with my coach not only gave me clarity but it boosted my confidence tenfold. Having someone in your corner rooting for you, no matter what, is invaluable - especially when that person is someone who won’t allow you to keep lying to yourself or buying into the self-limiting beliefs you have. Lucie helped me break down beliefs that had held me back for years. Now, if they come up, I choose to move through my fears and take action anyways.
— S.F., Leadville, CO
Lucie has an incredible knack for guiding you further into your heart. She fiercely holds a space for you to explore the corners of your soul that are desiring expansion, release and exploration. It’s like she speaks the language of what you’re searching for but you don’t know where to start or how to access it. You just know you require help. In these moments, she is the magician of ah-has, bringing laughter, wisdom and genius to each session so you can see things with new eyes. She intuitively asks just the right question that always seems to open the floodgates of greater awareness. I have worked with Lucie on countless occasions where she has helped me get clarity, and get stoked, about the reality I am creating. I’ve trusted her as I navigate the pearls of love and relationships, and as I ride the waves of being an entrepreneur. She is gold when it comes to being a strong love for her clients and has always held a space so I feel at ease to drop any barriers and worries and just be me. I’m grateful for this wild, wise woman.
— S.W., World Traveller
Our work together opened up my heart and mind to other ideas and opportunities I had not even thought about. I gained clarity about what I wanted to do, took inspired action to gain momentum, and felt growth in facing challenges with confidence. Lucie listens to you, asks further questions to get to a root cause and provides fun exercises to get you out of your head. If you’re looking for a coach to get you going and keep you going - Lucie is the one for you.
— E.W., Vancouver, BC
Lucie has come to be a trusted guide and someone I rely on to help me move through the ups and downs of life. If you’re looking for serious insight and life-changing results, this is your gal. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— R.R., Vancouver, BC
Before coaching with Lucie, I wanted things in my life to be different but didn’t know where to start. After coaching with Lucie, it’s so much easier for me to make changes and shift things. Her coaching gives me guidance and support to move towards what I want to do, which brings me ease when figuring out how to do it.
— A.M., Vancouver, BC

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